Help this guy by adding some pictures in this article. I think that will shut him up.

Koopanese is the native language that Koopas speak. Goombas speak Goombanese, Bloopers speak Bloopish. Yoshies speak Yoshi. Some people can undersand Koopanese, and here's what two Koopas said in World 7-3 (Super Mario bros 3) on October 7, 2003.

Koopa 1: What're you doin' ere? dis MAH @#$% toif!

Koopa 2: Noitain't! It MAH @#% toif! Git ta @#$% offa it if ya kno wat's @#$% good fo ya!

Koopa 1: Amma free Koopa! You ain't gon' tell no @#$% Koopa what to do! Dis is a @#$% free country ya know!

Koopa 2: Git te @#$% offa mah toi @##$f or am callin de @#$% cops!

Koopa 1: Nuh-uh, ain't no @#$% coppa gon' thro meh into no @#$% jail cell!

Koopa 2: GIT TEH @#%$& OFFA MAH TOF BEFO I @#$% (too offensive to type)

Koopa 1: Yo mom.

Koopa 2: WHAT????? GIT THE @##$$ @##$ ATTA ERE FO I-

Goomba: Hey! Watch your language or I'll make Super Mario Bros 3 M rated! Besides, you both were assigned this piece of land! So why don't we make up and-

Koopas 1 and 2: SHUT TE @#$% UP!!!!!

I could go on and on all day about what those two Koopas were arguing about, but I have work to do. bye bye!

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