King Harkinian 007 is a Shame for the Nintendo 64 starring King Harkinian. In the shame, the King turns into a spy and has to kill Duke Onkled before he betrays Hyrule.


The King watched the new James Bond movie, "Skyfall," and he thought it was cool. O, he pretended to be a secret agent by spying on people, however, he heard lotsa gossip, but then he spied on Duke. He learned he was planning to overthrow the King and take over Hyrule. The King bought a gun, and planned to use it to kill Duke, secretly. He snuck into Duke's house, and had to kill several rebels without being detected. After that, he assassinated Duke, ending the uprising.


Man people, liked this shame because it was a revolutionary first person shooter.
King of Burgers

last boss

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