Kid`s Evil Parodies is an popular show made in the evil Kids Country. It`s even more popular than The Killers and Nudity Boom. It does air on the evil Kids Channel. It seems to be filmed in Kanasas City Studio. The show, as the name says, is hosted by That Evil Kid. It ran for 4 seasons and 100 episodes. It ended in 2013 because That Evil Kid said so. In 2015, they got Another Evil Kid to make a revival of the show that will air in 2016.


1. Breakfast Dr. Rabbit RAMPAGE!!

2. Did Somebody Say "Holero"?

3. Ali Squawk's Bird Stories

4. Transgenders

5. Coalgate Commercial

6. Teletdarkies

7. Mario is Alive! featuring Demonic Fetus

8. SQUADALA Bomb System Commercial

9. Black House Apocalypse

10. Pork-Man

11. Gotta Get Up on Gay Day

12. Destroy my Face

13. Black House Apocalypse 2: Return of the Bankruptcy

14. Teletdarkies The Movie: No's revenge

15. Ms. Pork-Man

16. Teletdarky War

17. Sanic vs. Malleo

18. Sanic vs. Malleo 2

19. Ms. Pork-Man 2

20. Antiques Boredshow

21. The GayFighters

22. Ohrats

23. Bash Cranberry

24. Veryboring Inactivity

25. Dora the Exploder (season 1 finale)

26. Compost Dust Idiocy Commercial

27. The Sims Go Pee Pee In Their Pants

28. Nothing Wiki

29. Livin` Ninten

30. EBS: The Extra-Bad Shame

31. Fat Dude: The Shame

32. Fat Dude: The Shame 2: O RLY? YA RLY! NO WAI!

33. Fat Dude: The Shame 3: Nobody Can Tolerate This

34. Gibberish Littles

35. Brawl of the Cancelled TV Shows

36. Leddit Stop

37. YouTube MySpace and I'll Google your Yahoo

38. Butt-O-Fart Commercial

39. Butt Check

40. What's not for DINNER?

41. Halo Kitty

42. The Misadventures of Virtual MAH BOI

43. Mario's PINGAS Commercial

44. Grand Theft Says Me Street

45. Kingdom Spank Me

46. Hotel Enderman

47. A Solo Tribute to Nobody

48. ME: Egotistic Television

49. Donald Duck Hunt

50. Hotel Enderman 2 (season 2 finale)

51. REJECTION: The Shame

52. Sucky Portable

53. Tiger Fail

54. The Fake War

55. Some Type of Squid on Strike

56. Jeff the Smart Guy

57. Twenty Seven Millisecond Battle of FAIL

59. The UnUltimate Showdown of Ultimate Stupidity

60. Blernsball Simulator 3.000 AD

61. Higglytown Villains

62. Family Gay

63. Slum Bucket Commercial

64. Stupid Malleo Stupid Show

65. Bash Cranberry Kills Himself Racing

66. Swearing is Stupid

67. Rabies Got Back

68. Stupid Game 666 Black and White EX UnAdvanced BS 'OVER9000

69. Click here to burn 42!

70. A Day in the Life of a Total Nobody

71. Spaceship to Uranus

72. ALIENS Channel

73. Some Type of Squid Kills Himself

74. I Hate Trash!

75. Knock-OFF (season 3 finale)

76. Super Smash Bros. WIN

77. Mineshaft

78. Five Nights at Webkinz

79. Stupid Bowser's Shame

80. TitanaBae: Millennial Snake

81. Filet Mignon Emergency

82. Rabid Einstein

83. Bored of these Things

84. Five Nights at FedEx

85. Hairy Potty

86. The Great Webkinz War

87. My Little Brony: Fandoms are Tragic

88. Cookie Licker

89. The Great Teletdarky Massacre

90. Sickening Bread Commercial

91. Dora Commits Suicide: The Shame

92. Stupid Bash Smothers Brawl

93. Stupid Donald Duck Hunt

94. The Bad Teletdarkies Show

95. Goontown Simulator

96. Cour'ejj the Cowardly God Show

97. Irregular Show

98. Wickedpedia

99. The Winnerific Adventure

100. A Toilet Made out of Paper - The Movie (season 4 finale, series finale)

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