Evil waste of childhood!

Karate Kid is a horrible Shame for the Nintendo Entertainment System made by LJN that has nothing to do with the movie. The Angry Video Game Nerd hates it.


This game is near impossible to plat, let alone complete. Everytime somebody hits you, you're screwed. There is only one person who supposedly beat the game, but it is unknown who, or what, he is. He s probably a magical being who can do anything he wants. Maybe it was Chuck Norris?


Everyone who watched the Karate Kid was like "how the hell could you make a game for this?" And it is true, they could not make a game for this. So they made up some random plot that makes no sense. Squadala Ratings called it "a piece of NES crap!" Biased Ratings called it "an NES treasure to be cherished for generations!"

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