Jaws is an Nintendo Entertainment System Shame based on the film franchise of the same name. The Shane sucked because LJN created it.


In the game the player pilots a boat across the sea, randomly encountering groups of hostile sea creatures, like SpongeBob SquarePants. When the boat snags something in the overhead map, the perspective changes to a side-view. The player's boat releases a diver who battles various undersea threats with a tranquilizer gun, because the hippies who run the EPA and Jack Thompson do not want Shames that portray violence towards animals, even though the are trying to kill you. Jaws will appear on the map. If players collide with Jaws's dorsal fin, they can momentarily control their boat in the side-view encounter in an attempt to attack Jaws with depth charges. Jaws will always collide with the boat and kills you. There is no way to beat the Shame, because you have to kill Jaws.


Squadala Ratings criticized the game in its review, saying "The graphics, animations and game play in Jaws are all third rate." Angry Video Game Nerd played the game and said it sucked A$$.

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