Cquote1 Internet memes are memes on the internet. Cquote2
Captain Obvious on Internet Memes

Internet memes (also known as The Invaders of the Internet) was created by Po to invade Pac-Land but, it was a failure. The internet memes didn't invade Pac-Land but instead, they invade Sonic Islands. The internet memes became good when Troll hypnotizes them to be good. An evil girl named Dora the Explorer hypnotizes the internet memes to be bad again but it failed. The internet memes became permanently good. The internet memes will never be bad again. The internet memes fixed the Sonic Islands and created their own island called Meme Island.

The Members of "The Invaders of the Internet"


As days went by, internet memes population began to grow. There are new internet memes such as Fakegees, Philosoraptor, etc.

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