Insect Weakness
Powers of Weakness

Insect with the Powers of Weakness, as drawn by Harry Potter

Gender: Male
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Bug-eye
Species: Butterfly
Home: Weakness HQ
Death: Stepped on by Chuck Norris
AKA: Insect
Likes: Being BIG
Dislikes: Being stepped on
Education: Weak
Occupation: Power of Weakness
Known For: Being stepped on 89 times.
UnRank: 74

Cquote1 Insects are not weak! They're just... the opposite of strong... Cquote2
Insect, hopelessly defending insects

Insect is the dumbest of all of the Powers of Weakness.


Insect was originally a butterfly. Yup, dumb huh? Then, Elmo accidentally stepped on him, and he almost died. He survived, but he lived as a flattened butterfly. Eventually, the POW was formed, and Insect got in, and he was restored to all three dimensions! He remained a loyal member of the POW for the rest of his immortal life.


At one point in his life, Insect was squished. It made him look funny. In fact, it made him look SO funny, he looked funny! Funny huh? And, he looked squished too. Stupid Elmo... WHY DID YOU HAVE TO STEP ON HIM ELMO?!


After Insect was made a power of weak, he got revenge on Elmo. As Elmo is weak, Insect had control over him. Insect had Elmo serve him breakfast every day for the rest of Insect's life. Of course, Elmo said no, and stepped on Insect again.


  • Insect has control over all things weak.
  • That's all, because he's weak.

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