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Cquote1 Don't hurt me! I'm autistic! Cquote2
Inez Thomas lying generically.
Inez Thomas
Inez Thomas (Rarity icon)

She's a "Brony".... Yeah, let's not use that term regards if we like or hate MLP....

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Home: Athens, Greece
AKA: The lying "autist"
Likes: Claiming she's autistic while not, lies, MLP, hypocrisy, etc.
Dislikes: Anyone who hates MLP (Except her allies)
Education: 13 years of dumb@$$ school.
Occupation: Liar, opinion demander, fangirl
Known For: Demanding opinions on her friends and MLP upon others.
UnRank: -1,200

Inez Thomas is an internet troll hailing from the ancient city of Athens; located in the ancient country of Greece. She makes up a lot of lies a lot; for example: She says she's autistic just to give excuses when yet she's not and has to admit her all the junk she's done.

She's also a part of the Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization and is Skyler Hawkins of Poland's BFF.

She's a brony, pegasister, or really an MLP fan-brat to be exact. She shoved opinions of MLP and her allies down others throats.

Foreign name

Ινεζ Τόμας (Greek)

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