Indiana Jones

A thirty year old Indiana Jones

Doctor Indiana Henry Walton Captain Defense Jones Junior II is an adventurist and scientist who was named after his dog. He carries a whip and whips people who annoy/irritate/attempt to murder him. He is known for his profound knowledge of archeology and whipping.

He was born to some guy named Henry Walton Captain Defense Jones Junior, and the fool named his son after him, AND after the dog. Now, Indiana has a weird name, but he grew up in a museum because that's all who would take him after his father lost it.

He grew up fascinated by ancient peoples. He studied them, and pretended to be them (he looked stupid). He then started whipping the people who took care of him, and he got whatever he wanted!

He became a scientist when he grew up, and started going on adventures to find stuff. He started whipping bad guys, and "rescuing" treasure.

He found many things, and became very rich. Though he eventually died when he was kicked by Chuck Norris during The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

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