Gears of toasters

Box art depicting our battle tested heroes

Hotel Mario 2: Gears of Toasters is the sequel to Hotel Mario. It was made by Nintendo and King Harkinian for the Game Boi. The idea was made after Hotel Mario was made. Nintendo thought they could do better, but then the King bought the shame.


Mario goes back to Hotel Mario to see if Bowser is hiding here. He discovers that Bowser turned all of the Toasters to life, and they're trying to kill everyone in the hotel. Mario must shut down all of the toasters by tripping on the plugs without getting killed. The final boss is The King of Hyrule. The final FINAL boss is Bowser.

Since it was a rip-off of Gears of War. He decided to own a massive Toaster machine gun with all the visible cogs, nuts and bolts so he blasts all the Koopas with it. It is considered epic although the fact that Po was stupid and had a heavy blaster, it made it funnier.


This shame was considered almost as stupid as the first Hotel Mario, but not quite. NintenD'oh calls it a "D'oh of a shame!" ESRB says "Three of our employees died while rating this shame!" Biased Ratings did not say anything, as Paper Doll Man had super-glued all of their mouths shut after he got a bad rating.

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