Hastur in all of his unspeakable horror.


Hastur as he appears before taking off his hood.

Iconoclast - Symphony X (Iconoclast 2011)10:52

Iconoclast - Symphony X (Iconoclast 2011)

The theme song of the final battle against Hastur and his army.

"...And so I, the unnamed one, flung open all graves of the world, and unleashed a horrendous future, where my evil is rule! Now thou must return humanity to the past, where wolves reign below the starless skies!"

- Hastur's speech towards the other Elder Gods

Hastur The Unspeakable (A.K.A. Thou Who Shalt Not Be Named, Destroyer of the Ghost Void, Assatur, Xastur, Kawain) is the absolute leader and ruler of the Elder Gods, the Nyarlothoteps. Hastur is know throughout legend as being one of the most heinous, disgusting, fear inducing, impure manifestation of absolute evil. A pure incarnation of darkness, his goal is to completely destroy the entire UnVerse. To complete his sinister task, Hastur gathers the Elder Gods, among these being Cthulhu, Yog Sothoth, among others. Even though he has only made 2 appearances so far in the series, it has been confirmed by the Nintendo Foreman that he will be the final villain Mario must fight.

Theme Song(s)

Lux Aeterna By Clint Mansell06:30

Lux Aeterna By Clint Mansell

Hastur's theme song when preparing to destory the Unverse.

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