Halo the Third is the best Halo shame ever made. This is because it has a higher explosion count than any other halo shame. It stars Master Chief on his quest to blow up every Halo ever.

The shame starts with Master Chief watching Halo 2: The Movie. When he realizes he is falling from the sky, he throws his popcorn like a badass, and makes his suit shut down. A few days later, some stupid soldiers walk up and think he's a boulder. They kick him, so his suit turns back on, and he turns evil. The Sargent smacks him, and he turns good again.

He teams up with the uglies, and they go kill the other uglies. Then, Master Chief blows up all of the Halos for no reason. His nanny is tired of this, and tries to kill him. So, he takes out his SPARTAN LASER and fries her.

The shame ends with a freeze frame of Master Chief falling from the sky.

The shame's cover.


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