This is an article about the ballad Hajime Kunihiro wrote to my - I mean - her wife, Toka Ryuumonbuchi, during the time of The IInd Spartan War.


Hajime: Toka ojou-sama, I know what will cheer you up.

Toka: What?

Hajime: A song! *Gets on piano and begins to play*

Hajime: I want to chomp into your throat,

watch you bleed out on the floor.

And I'll bathe myself in your life essence as you die,

tear your heart right from your chest and crack the bones and suck the marrow out,

slice into your brain force and-

Toka: *Lauging nervously* Eh he he, OK honey, I think that's enough. I'm feeling better.

The author of this article appears to have lost his or her mind. They are currently bashing their head in with a baseball bat.

Toka torturing the citizens of Germany by playing ping pong.

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