It's a trap! DO NOT EAT!

Gum was invented by Wascratcher to help The scratch cat beat Chuck Norris. Gum is an awesome item that is supposed to give whoever eats it the power to defeat Chuck Norris, but, of course, it doesn't work at all.


Gum is usually pink, but it also comes in many different colors like red, blue, yellow, purple, and every other possible color under the sun. Each color tastes different but they do the same things as pink gum. Every color has a dumb name that goes with it.

  • Pink: Stupid Strawberry Gum (The scratch cat's favorite)
  • Red: 1010001 Gum
  • Light Blue: Lazor Gum
  • Green: Watermelon with a Suika infusation Gum (Expect EVERYTHING to be funny)
  • Yellow: Cheese Gum (popular)
  • Purple: Squadala Gum
  • Red: Mama-Mia Mario Gum
  • Rainbow: WHOA! Gum
  • Brown: Poop (or Whatsit) Gum. (Justin Beaver's Favorite)
  • Orange: Orin Gum

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