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Guiyii Get Down01:03

Guiyii Get Down

The portal of epicness that is Guiyii. (SEIZURE WARNING!)

Guiyii is a morbid version of Weegee, and... well... he's just insane in the brain.

And now that we're on that; Guiyii's brain is a tumor with a giant zit that has been exposed to 5 months of radiation. It also conducts lightning.

Yeah. He's that crazy. Here's proof. ------------->


Look at the insanity!!!


Weegee bought a mirror but he started to mess around, so his reflection turned morbid, (or MOARbid) then it came to life as Guiyii. Weegee tried to kill Guiyii but Guiyii swallowed a Dark Matter Cube made by Giygas that made a portal of Blue Cheese Atom Bombs that soon killed Weegee. He later respawned. He has a good friend named Zeegee.

The birth of Guiyii

The Birth Of Guiyii01:12

The Birth Of Guiyii

This is how guiyii was born.

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