Xbox jump image
"Because we need our economy to fail."

- The headline of the shame

Go Jump off the Face of the Earth is the name of a shame released on the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. It follows the story of Johnny C.'s quest to destroy economists. It was leaked in April 2027, but not released until 2 years later.


Johnny C., after having killed yet another victim, is relaxing in his cozy and warm living room during the winter, reading a newspaper by the fireplace. Suddenly, the headline catches his eye - "ECONOMISTS MAKE EFFORT TO SAVE THE WORLD." Johnny, in a rage, goes out to tell all economists to jump off the face of the Earth...and you gotta help him!


  • It is the first ever shame where Johnny C. is playable.
  • Since the game takes place during the winter, it is very cold during most of the levels, and during a large snowstorm.
  • Various economists, such as Hajime Kunihiro and The scratch cat, are killable characters in this shame.

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