Glitch man
Glitch Gremlin AKA The Glitch Gremlin is an evil being that lives in Nintendo Shame cartridges. He is a rival to Angry Video Game Nerd, however, he is always defeated by AVGN.


When Nintendo was doing well, SEGA and Namco were not. So they created The Glitch Gremlin to mess with Nintendo Shames. He was never able to do anything for 25 years because he was in a long lost Action 52 cartridge nobody bought. Then, AVGN bought it, without realizing The Glitch Gremlin was in it. He played Action 52 and unknowingly allowed The Glitch Gremlin to escape into his other Shames. He always goes from Shame to Shame, so it is hard to locate him.


The Glitch Gremlin is an annoying jerk who loves annoying people.


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