Heavy Metal Samurai

Gezol playing a solol.

Gezol (who does not have a last name, for some reason) is an evil demon who rose up out of the ashes of a corpse which was burned during a PagUn ritual. He is also Japanese for some reason, even though the guy he was made from was Brazilian.


Gezol was born from the ashes of the burnt corpse of a man at a PagUn ritual, where a cult group succesfully tried to awaken a demon. The demon's name was Gezol, as made obvious by his name tag.

Gezol then proceeded to kill all the cultists and grab a canister of cheese. He called up his demon friend, Nergal, and said he was finally released from "that prison". He then went and had a big party at the Himilayan mountains.

It was not until 1706 that Gezol became the leader of a record company called Evil Records, where he would later become the leader of two bands, Sabbat and Metalucifer.

In 1849, Gezol fought with Napoleon Bonaparte under the stars in a desert. After a long and tiring battle, Gezol supposedly defeated him by throwing him into the dwelling, where the melody of death mask eternally plays. However, Napoleon returned and ran him over, and then threw him into a German prison. Gezol is planning his revenge in the prison, currently.

Role in the Teletubby War

Recently, Gezol played a minor role in the Teletubby War. After Thumper raided the carrot patch and destroyed half of The German Prison, Gezol was freed, and proceeded to attack Thumper from afar, using his sniping skills. However, Gezol was not aware of Thumper's jumping skills, and was kicked hard in the face, getting knocked back into the prison. His current whereabouts, whoabouts, whatabouts, and howabouts are unknown.

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