Frank West

"Name's Frank West. I've covered wars, y'know."

Frank West is a guy who's good at taking photos and killing Zombies with anything he can find...anything. He's covered wars, y'know so he's good at killing Zombies. He went to some places just so he could kill Zombies and save some Stupid People who were about to get eaten by the Zombies.

Upon discovering that a water gun and petrol make a flamethrower, Frank's career came to incorporate killing Evil Snowmen as well.

Frank has many skills, most of which he gained while killing Zombies and covering wars, y'know. Frank is also infected and will become a Zombie if he doesn't give himself some medicine every 24 hours, but he's too awesome to let that trouble him so he plays in sandboxes until he has enough money to buy medicince because he can't turn into a Zombie in sandboxes.

List of Wars covered by Frank West

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