Cquote1 Yeah go ahead and ask me something, it's not like I care. Cquote2
Eridan Ampora, not caring about anything.
Eridan Ampora

Eridan Ampora. That's what I call a knight of the sea!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black and purple
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Troll
Home: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
Likes: Anything to do with water or air, spending time with Feferi Peixes 24/7.
Dislikes: Having to be forced to give up on Feferi Peixes.
Known For: Representing Aquarius
UnRank: 1,000,000

Eridan Ampora is among the Twelve Homestuck Trolls, and like them, he fights for justice. He is a water dweller and is in a relationship with another one, Feferi Peixes.

Like the other eleven Homestuck trolls, he represents a Zodiac sign, Aquarius, and the thing is that there is one element per three signs, and it is Air for Aquarius (Along with Gemini and Libra).

Since that, he bears the element of Air (Along with Sollux Captor (Gemini) and Terezi Pyrope (Libra)).

His signature color is purple (AKA violet).

All we know when it came to sign-sharing is that he shares his sign with a famous basketball player, Michael Jordan.

He doesn't have his own country in a continent due to being a water-dweller, so he has own government somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Concidentally, both he and his girlfriend, Feferi Peixes have their governments in Oceans, except she has hers in the Pacific.

Eridan Ampora has spent plenty of time trying to stop Adam Kokesh from being a (very) offensive person on YouTube.

Otherwise, he really doesn't care about a lot of things.

Eridan can be seen doing YouTube, DeviantArt, and 4chan.

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