What Donkey Kong was going to look like.

Donkey Kong is the first shame both Donkey Kong and Mario have ever been in. Of course, some idiot accidentally put Mario's name as "Jumpman", so now Nobody knows that the guy you play as is Mario. The shame was released by Nintendo after they realized nobody liked their shames. So, they made this, and sold it around the world. Of course, most people called it stupid, but enough people liked it for it to be considered popular.


To play this shame, the player controls Jumpman (Mario), and must jump around the level, trying to avoid a bunch of obsticles. Especially the evil barrels, which are being thrown by Donkey Kong. Jumpman, however, always refuses to cooperate with the player, and ends up getting hit. Then he screams at the player for letting him get hit. The only way to win this shame is to bribe Jumpman.


This shame was somewhat positive, though many criticized it for being stupid. Mario, Donkey Kong, Peach, Luigi, and Master Chief were all insulted by this shame for their own personal reasons, and they eventually got this shame off of the shelves.