Don Nubula

Don Nubula in Brawl of the Consoles

Don Nubula is a clone's clone of Von Nebula, of the Hero Factory Series. He was created after the Manhattan Incident after a reactor exploded, killing Bon Bubula, a clone of Von Nebula. Don Nubula is the main antagonist in Brawl of the Consoles and Brawl of the Consoles 2: Fallout with Chron Chubula (A clone of Don Nubula), as his 2nd in command. Don Nubula controls The Black Army and commands all rouge villains that are affiliated with it. He's huge and from metal. He has red eyes. So that means he's always angry. Be careful...


Don Nubula 2.0

Don Nubula 2.0 is the incarnation of Don Nubula in Brawl of the Consoles 2: Fallout

Don Nubula as seen in Brawl of the Consoles 2: Fallout

He carries a staff that can shoot lava from it's core (the red thing) and he can use his back plates to glide in the air.

Iron Cerebula

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