Doland Flontroy Duk, moar cominle refurd tu az Dolan, iz a sycopafic, poorlee-jron vurjin uv Donald Duck, pursomabli frum n olternit dyemenshin. He lieks kilin ppl, cumitng criemz, pupin on fud, pooling ubnoshis preks, n kilin moar ppl. He iz awlsu teh stor uv Dolan Camix.


Dolan caem intu igziztins, kwite pasiblee in a difrent dyemenshin. Haw he caem intu igziztins, nubutty noes. Wat we du no iz dat his unkel is Skrue McDuk, n his nefyoos r Hupi, Dupi, n Lupi. Der iz aso hiz bst frend enimi, Gooby.

Uncle Dolan - Camping With Gooby01:20

Uncle Dolan - Camping With Gooby

Dolan gos campn wif hiz frend Gooby

O, and 1 moar ting

Yoosur pls


  • Dolan has almost (and otherwise) killed Gooby 100000 teimz.
  • I het tis crappy grammr stahp it now!

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