The poster for the film, depicting a Downed Player.

This article is about the movie Dodgeball. For the game Dodgeball, click Here.

"Sports simplicity as usual.

- Squidward Tentacles on Dodgeball

"What a genious piece of art!"

- J.R.R Tolkien on Dodgeball


- LuffyPirateKing on Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a movie created in 2007. It was directed by John McCain and distributed by Dinner Pictures. The movie follows the story of a group of teenage girls (the main character is Toka Ryuumonbuchi) in high school. They are then chosen by Sgt. Patches (played by Rip Torn), the leader of the girl's dodgeball team, to participate in the annual dodgeball tournament. Biased Ratings gave it a 5 out of 5, and Epic Reviews gave the movie 4.5/5.


The story follows the lives of 5 teenage girls, Nami Suga (played by Toka Ryuumonbuchi), Gwen Barret (played by Teru Miyanaga), Hen Pen (played by Rainbows), Nincompoop E. Tasteless (played by Panda), and Meg-Meg (played by Daisy). They all are in their second years at high school, but then, Sgt. Patches (played by Rip Torn), the powerful, strict leader of the girl's dodgeball team, enlists them to play in the annual dodgeball tournament...

Plaigarism Lawsuit

Two days before the movie's release, John McCain was filed for plaigarism of stealing Bob the Builder's unreleased movie Dodgeball: The Movie. The case did not look easy to win because Bob the Builder had Phoenix Wright and Kool Aid Man on his side, but, with the help of the actors from the movie, he managed to overcome the lawsuit and win.


Dodgeball recieved generally good reception from reviewers.

Biased Ratings - 5/5

Epic Reviews - 4.5/5

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