Dinner Blaster II is the sequel shame to the hit shame Dinner Blaster. It is a handheld third person shooter for the Game Boi. It sold 999,999 copies, making it the second most popular shame on the Game Boi.


The shame starts with the King eating DINNER (porkchops), when Bowser blows the wall apart. The King, outraged that his peppermint wall has been destroyed, pulls out his Dinner Blaster, and shoots mega hamburgers at Bowser. The rest of the shame is just the King chasing Bowser around the world.



  1. West Hyrule
  2. East Hyrule
  3. Earth
  4. A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away
  5. Teletubby Land
  6. The UnUniverse after everything blew up due to the Dinner Blaster overcharging and exploding, destroying everything and everyone that ever existed because the blast was so powerful (also nicknamed the boom boom level)
  7. The Void



Loser Enemies


When The King of Hyrule and Bowser go to The Void,Bowser turns into Eviler Bowser and destroys the Dinner Blaster and then turns into Super Eviler Bowser and beats up The King.The King surrenders and then leaves.


This was the second most popular shame ever sold on the Game Boi. It never received any negative criticism. Even Biased Ratings gave it a 0! SpongeBob SquarePants comments on the uniqueness of the shame. King Harkinian comments on the wonderful protagonist character. Bowser thought the villains were cool.


  • ESRB: Z2 (For being a weird shame. Nobody knows what Z2 means. Some people think it means Zion Zero.)
  • PEGI: The people in charge of giving the rating couldn't agree, and gave up.
  • Hong Kong: 42+
  • Hyrule: Adults Only (Large Scale Explosions, DINNER, Violence)

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