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Dinner Blaster: Puzzle Bomber is a two player shame for the Game Boi. It was first made in 19??, and it was sold in stored until 19??. The shame stars King Harkinian and his quest to eat some DINNER without blowing up. This is the worst Dinner Blaster shame ever


The King is in a large building. It appears to be a tomb. The tomb of King Harkinian. Well, now that he's walked into his own grave, he might as well try eat DINNER before he dies. The player must navigate the King through the tomb to get the DINNER in every level. Once the King eats all of the DINNER, the tomb blows up, and the King escapes. Oh, and something about bombs too.


As this shame was about the same as Hotel Mario, everyone tried to shoot the King with their Magnums and Shotguns. One even used a SPARTAN LASER! Only after the Hyrulian Army marched out did they stop. However, Link was beat up by an angry mob, and had to receive medical treatment.


This shame was not rated by the ESRB, PEGI, Squadala Ratings or anybody else except for the King himself. He rated it DINNER. The other guys didn't rate it because after Hotel Mario, they were tired of this kind of shame, and just shot the case instead of playing it.

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