Dementors are evil monsters that suck happiness and creativity out of your body. They only way to get it back is to eat Chocolate because chocolate is happy and creative.



What People used Them for

  • In the Lego Movie, Lord Buisness used dementors to hunt down the Master Builders and suck their creativity
  • when George W. Bush was president, he used dementors as guards an let them run loose to scare people and make them depressed so no one would mess with him
  • Tiger Tail used them to scare people and weaken them for when his Army attackes them
  • They made Grumpy Cat who she is by sucking all off her happiness out of her body and she didn't eat chocolate in time
  • Harry Potter is afraid of them


if you buy dementors you can use them to scare people or make them depressed or dull.


Dementors cost 1,000 Undollars But order now and we'll through in a second one for FREE! Call now and must be 18 or older to order.


Dementors can suck out peoples creativity and they can do a power almost as epic as Doug's Rainbow cannon THE DEMENTORS KISS! IT EATS EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY UNTIL YOU'RE JUST A BORING WALKING SKELETON!!!! Justin actully was once a captain but dementors did DEMENTORS KISS on him and turned him into a stick figure.


  • The only way to defeat a dementor is to get a wand and yell "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" at it (oh sorry some of us aren't wizards, I guess you could try throwing chocolate at it)
  • the company that sells them is rich
  • they were the "hottest chrismas present for young children" in 2013 (kids were very depressed that chrismas... I WONDER WHY!?)

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