Dale Gribble is a crazy exterminator, bounty hunter, chain smoker, gun fanatic, and paranoid believer in most conspiracy theories. He lives in Arlen and had a major role in The Great Pumkin War.


Dale had been estranged from his father, Bug Gribble, since he witnessed Bug talking to his wife Nancy, because he was trying to conquer his fear of man-ladies. He had to basically raise himself with a TV. He always watched History Channel, that is why he believes in conspiracy theories, owning guns, and hunts criminals.

Role in The Great Pumkin War

During The Great Pumkin War, Dale was imprisoned for helping Hank Hill in the rebel army. Dale was released by Hank along with the other rebel leaders. He helped storm Butter-O-Mart and helped take back Arlen.


Today Dale lives a relaxed, laid back life. He has taken a part time job at History Channel solving conspiracy theories on his show, Truth or Dale. Unfortunately, he doesn't make much from this, so he still exterminates bugs and he still tracks down criminals.

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