Help this guy by adding some pictures in this article. I think that will shut him up.

Beseech choir through a grey veiled - arrival light.

And weeps no more onto the setting sun where efforts fade. Suffuse the stream of memories and broken rays as dark recedes. Transmute now remainder. Old Abydos. Forward the acolyte.

Summits ascendant traveler bows to celestial. Disembodied legions salute the pilgrim seeker. Reverentials to Lazarus echoes forth Osiric obelisk. To leave the feborn form. Rise to freedom.

And posits the sentient onto the Nirvikalpian. Sheds now the chrome auric shroud of untethered spirit. Astral preceptors formate in consecration. Transmits from minaret across beautified dawn.

Visage to auric accordant-form; in reascension. Emits reverential tears in dhyanic refuge. Arise perceiver. Returns to sky; arrive home. Pilgrim seen.== The author of this article appears to have lost his or her mind. They are currently bashing their head in with a baseball bat.

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