Cquote1 *I'M CURRENTLY CHARGIN' MAH POWER-DRIVE TO 10,000, B****!* Cquote2


Cquote1 Hasta la vista, baby! Oh wait. Cquote2
Cyber-Dee, being an idiot

That's him. He looks serious...

Cyber-Dee is the essence of awesomeness who takes the form of a Waddle-Dee with cyber-goggles, who is known for emulating moves from The Matrix. He also fights like Meta Knight at times, but fights like both Meta Knight and in the Matrix style at the same time. His favorite songs are some heavy metal from AC/DC. He also likes songs from The Prodigy such as Invaders Must Die, along with Warrior's Dance and Dragonforce and one of their epic songs, Through the Fire and the Flames, which Cyber-Dee can accomplish without getting a single burn (oh wait... he can't get burns, he burns the fire). He can hack into even supercomputers and swipe data from the memory, whether it's top secret or a video of a guy in a shower, he can hack all! He can also charge up his power drive and kick the heck outta his opponents.

His main weapon of choice is a cyber katana (but he can fire freaking huge LAZ0RS that can demolish a whole planet. He is also one of the five guys (along with Chuck, etc.), who are immune to Weegee's evil stare. He currently returned home from the The Digital Wars, killing 10,000,000 Microslayer soldiers (in which he impaled 14 of those soldiers), 600 heavy commandos, and blew up 10 major hideouts with the T-5000. He is very powerful among many, but has many friends as well. He has teamed up with Chuck Norris, Marx, Bob Saget, and the T-5000. There is no way they will be defeated, though they were already undefeatable.

BTW: Did I mention that all your base are belong to him? Yea, that's right. He owns your arse big time, sucka!

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