O hi cthulhu

Oh hai.

Cquote1 Eko Eko Azarak! Eko Eko Zomelak! Sumo! Atho Femalak! Cquote2
Cthulhu's signature chant

Cthulhu is a mysterious creature created by Bob Saget for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc upon mankind. For thousands of years Saget commanded Cthulhu to sleeping almost an eternity in the sunken city of R'yleh, awaiting the time to arise and destroy mankind. Cthulhu is a light sleeper, however, and regularly gets up to go and destroy a mortal civilization of some sort.

There is currently no known way to prevent Cthulhu's wrath once he has decided on a target. Theorists suggest that saying "please" may have an effect, but tests are inconclusive as the feces of the researchers have not been recovered.

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