they did a bad job on the box art

Crazy Buzz Lightyear is a bad shame for the Nintendo Entertainment System starring Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and other characters from Toy Story. The shame is based off the movie Toy Story 4.


The plot is based off of Toy Story 4, and follows a similar timeline. There are several small differences, but the overall lot is the same.


You play as Buzz Lightyear, an old, washed up toy that hasn't been popular since the 1990's. It is very hard to hit something with, because of his constant drunken state, but he is very powerful. He also can shoot a lazer, which causes an enemy's eyes to melt and brain to explode.


This is considered by many to be the baddest shame that was associated with Disney to be produced. Despite this, the Salem s considered to be fairly awful, even Buzz hated it.

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