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Cooking King

Cooking King is a shame that was mass produced in the 1990s. In it, you take the roll of The King and prepare dinner. The shame sucks really badly, it always glitches and if your cooking is .000000000000000001% off, then the Dinner is ruined!


The game starts when the King asks "I wonder what's for Dinner, Mah Boi!" The the King, Link, and Squadala Man go to McHyrule's and get ingrediants. You must first pick all the ingrediants you need. Then, you go to Hyrule Bell and get Taco shells and other Mexican foods. Then you head back to Castle Hyrule where you cook crap.


Everybody hated it, exept for those who lived in Hyrule. King Harkinian and his boi became so angry so the Second Hyrulean Civil War was in sight.

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