Red falcon contra

Contra III: The Alien Wars (Pirated Edition) is a pirated version of Contra III: The Alien Wars for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The shame features horrible and glitchy graphics and mediocre music. Its graphics are more horrible than the first Contra. If you try to fight the 1st boss after the last boss, the game freezes, and in 30 seconds, all the serial killers from Canada ever pop out and kill you.

Obtaining A Copy

There are only several ways to obtain a copy, and each one of them is illegal. You can do the following things to obtain a copy:

  • Meet a pirate
  • Return the pirate's booty to him
  • Start talking to him about shames
  • Ask to buy a shame
  • Go home, put it in your NES
  • Prepare for a disappointing shame

This is Illegal You Know?

That's right kids, buying, selling, and using pirated shames are illegal, and then will have to call the police!

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