Chuckles the cheat
Cquote1 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Cquote2
Chuckles, while cheating.
Gmod Idiot Box00:50

Gmod Idiot Box

His so called harmless shenanigans

Chuckles the Cheat is a cheating cheater who likes to cheat. He cheats on things, especially games. He is the archenemy of Dr. Hax. Chuckles is very skilled at cheating, and has even tricked Dr. Hax to trade him all of his points for an empty soda can. Nobody knows why chuckles is so good at cheating, it's just beyond infinity of explanation. Chuckles also chuckles whenever he cheats, which is OBVIOUSLY a dead giveaway, but it seems nobody ever notices, probably because they're too busy eating their cheese Pie.

Shame Appearance

Chuckles appears in the game Chuckles the Cheat Meets His Doom. If you have an IQ over 2, you know that Chuckles dies in this game. Also, Chuckles' main weapon in the game is a banana. Of course, Chuckles likes to use a cheat so it's a bazooka instead. He returns for a sequel too.

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