Chocolate Milk is an energy drink that makes you powerful because it is made of milk and chocolate. It's not only an energy drink, it's also quite delicious. It is the most powerful substance ever known to man.


Chocolate Milk is a creation of the two substances known as milk (often from a bird), and chocolate. Though milk is okay, chocolate is made with the substance Death Juice, an extremely dangerous and poisonous liquid that should be treated with extreme caution. Any consumption of Death Juice or any products made with it may result in instant death.

UnAnything is not responsible for any side affects, including death, caused by drinking chocolate milk. UnAnything is also not responsible for individuals who can consume chocolate milk and become even more powerful from it.

Side effects and some tips

Be careful when drinking chocolate milk. There are many known side effects that you can get from this substance. Here's a tip. When drinking chocolate milk, make sure you are sitting in your toilet. Just in case. Also, after you drink chocolate milk drink lots of water. As in LOTS OF THEM so you won't be dehydrated. Make sure your bathroom is locked tight. So the thief won't steal your toilet away.

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