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Almost everything.

Pretty stars! (Not to be confused with S.T.A.R.S.) (People's Republic of China flag pictured)

China (Formerly the People's Republic of China (During its commie years 1949 - 5016), later the Republic of China (During its democracy years 5016 - Present)) is a noble and powerful communist nation country of Asia. It is the most populated country in the world, because there are so many people in it. Some say it is going to burst, but Albert Einstein argues that countries themselves can't physically burst.


Love that sun! Thank you Aradia Megido! (Republic of China flag pictured)

Somebody named Mao Zedong founded the People's Republic of China, but then passed his leadership to Xi Jinping, who then died after China became a democracy after one of the twelve Homestuck Trolls named Aradia Megido invaded China in order to make it a democracy, and renamed the country to simply the Republic of China.


China was originally made when some guys wanted a bunch of land. They went to East Asia, and grabbed a big chunk of land next to the ocean. They forced people to come to this land, and it got bigger. They accidentally forced too many people to come, so it has too many people.

A bunch of guys in China got mad. They got so mad, they built a really really really gigantic wall to be really big. It protected them from attacks, and then they invented guns, so they got really powerful. They were in China.

Then, people stopped being ancient, and became modern, so China became bigger and had even more people in it. China became a powerful country, and it was really big too.

Hungry Kim Jong-un wanted to be ruler of North Korea, but his papa wouldn't let him, so he broke a piece off China and made it into the floating city Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land.

One of the Twelve Homestuck Trolls named Aradia Megido stopped Xi Jinping doing more communism and censorship on China, so she defeated him and made China a democracy!


  • Hong Kong is in China.
  • China is around Hong Kong.
  • China is the leading manufacturer of lightning bolts.
  • China is also the leading manufacturer of everything else.
  • China is also know as the "birth place of everything" because everything that exists in this world was invented in China including paper, kung fu, bird flu, Mexicans, stupid people, France, etc. They invented everything!!!!

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