Cquote1 Hi my lovelies! It's Cassidy Boon! Cquote2
Cassidy Boon on an average day; calling her haters "her lovelies".
Cassidy Boon
Cassidy Boon

Her icon.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Amber
Eye color: Green
Species: Human
Likes: Making fun of men, Australia, and New Zealand.
Dislikes: Being insulted by men.
Education: Nobody cares.
Occupation: Offender
Known For: Offending any person from Australia, New Zealand, or is a male.
UnRank: -444,000,000,000

Cassidy Boon IRL

What she looks like now; some people might think she slightly dyed her hair color.

Cassidy Boon is a troll who is part of the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew.

She represents the Chamaeleon constellation out of all of them and represents the planet Venus of the YouTube Trollar System.


Cassidy Boon was considered to be a very hostile woman. She is against all types of men (making her sexist) and is racist after she made fun of Australia and New Zealand (Unless if they were on her side like Ray Comfort).

She was once saved by a man from drowning, but after that, she threatened to sue him for r**e; though that wasn't true, he was only trying to save her life.

She's also infamous enough where she made a video out of Marcus Dibble (Famous YouTuber known for his funny rants, skits, vlogs, pranks, etc).

She also says the franchise of Star Wars is sexist due to that she says the Dark Side "symbolizes" women in their current p****d; though that isn't true.

She says she's feminist; but not really, feminism is when people support women having equal rights as men. She treated men like garbage; she doesn't even know what equal treatment is.