Cards (also called Kards) are a brand new type of trading card made by King Harkinian and SpongeBob SquarePants. They really are a HUGE hit (they actually hit someone once) and are even more famous than Pokemon cards. All cards have people, places, things, or phrases that are not relevant to each other in any way.

History of it

Now you're probably not wanting to have a boring lesson in history about this game so I'll explain it in an unhistorical way. Once upon a time, King Harikanian wanted to be in love. Impa came over and helped his mourning but then a miracle happened and Impa started eating and the King had an idea to make trading cards to destroy Impa so he did. Impa got killed (or kidnapped) and never seen again. The King and Hyrule lived happily ever after, THE END.

The Rules

The rules are quite simple:

  1. Everyone picks a kard.
  2. They all say Go Fish.
  3. See whose kard has the highest HP. All other information on the kards is ignored.
  4. The person that has the card with the highest HP will be beaten up by the other players to see how long they will survive (to test how much their HP is).
  5. Then, the guys that aren't beaten up will continue playing.
  6. Repeat until one person is winner.


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