Cquote1 I am Captain Obvious! Cquote2
Captain Obvious.
Cquote1 Running into walls hurts. Cquote2
Captain Obvious.
Cquote1 When your hand is stuck in a toaster, your hand is stuck in a toaster! Cquote2
Captain Obvious.


Captain Obvious

This is Captain Obvious.

Cquote1 Falling into the lava kills you instantly! Cquote2
Captain Obvious
Cquote1 Being good is a good thing kid! Cquote2
Captain Obvious talking to a kid
Cquote1 The ocean is wet! Cquote2
Captain Obvious at the beach.
Cquote1 UnAnything is a wiki! Cquote2
Captain Obvious.

Captain Obvious is a guy. He is a hero too. He always says things that are really obvious. He is wearing a mask. Captain Obvious also has a page on this wiki. You are reading it. In his logo "CO", C stands for Captain, and O stands for Obvious. His biggest rival is Old Asian Man because his quotes are just as epic as Captain Obvious. He is really obvious. If someone is falling down, someone is falling down. Justis Stupid is stupid. Somebody sees you.

Captain Obvious' new form

He looks like Captain America! However, he is still Captain Obvious.

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