Cquote1 Come in, Star Command! Cquote2
-Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear

The stupid hero of the galaxy

Gender: Male
Hair color: Who cares?
Eye color: Stupid
Species: Toy, or possibly human.
Home: Pizza planet, some kid's house
Death: Blown up, (unforunately) came back.
AKA: Captain stupid
Likes: To fly
Dislikes: Being blown up
Education: Uhh, Space academy?
Occupation: Space Ranger, idiot
Known For: Being an idiot
UnRank: 6964096

Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger from A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away who sometimes thinks he's a toy, whether he is or not. He is a minion of Happycat. He likes to fall with style. He is definitely not related to Mrs. Nesbitt.



Buzz and Woody falling with style.


Buzz was born a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, destined to save the galaxy. However, all of that is false really, and he's really a toy, but don't tell him.

Becoming a Space Ranger

His father was a jedi space ranger, so he decided to follow in his father's footsteps. He joined the space rangers. He gets some cool armor, and they add a helmet so he wouldn't land on his head anymore, because that tends to happen a lot to him.


While on a mission to find the straightjacket of doom, Buzz later crash-landed on a weird planet. He emerged from his spacecraft to find a cowboy named Woody. Woody kidnapped Buzz, and continuously him he's a space ranger, not a toy. Buzz tries to leave, but Woody stops him, so Buzz falls with style. They eventually become friends after Woody pushes him out a window.


After Woody and Buzz become friends, they go to Buzz's home planet: Pizza Planet. There, they find Darth Vader Zurg. They do a massive battle involving many pairs of pants, and then Zurg reveals HE is Buzz's father. They then proceed to play ball, like real father and son.

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