A typical brick.

Bricks are hard red objects that if someone throws one at a window it will break. They do not burn because they are a lot like rocks. Some buildings are built with bricks so they don't burn and for good structural support. When someone builds with bricks they must be lain together with mortar. Some walls are made out of bricks. Some blocks are also made out of bricks, which people like Mario love to jump into from beneath. Sometimes, if a person becomes extremely frightened, they might drop bricks in their pants.

Bricks were originally invented in 1913 as an automatic window breaker. People realized how good they were as building materials, and started using them for that instead. Bricks are also popular children's toys, because they are good for throwing at other kids.

People Who Have Been Hit By A Brick

People who have been hit by a brick and DIEd


  • When you see it, bricks will be shat.

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