Bowsers iPhone

The last and only known image of Bowser's iPhone. Any other records have been expunged.

Bowser's iPhone is a machine Bowser made to spy on people, but is actually a very powerful artifact capable of creating pure evil. It was also disguised as an IPhone 666, and was specially designed to be used by Bowser, because he has really long fingernails claws that can't be used on an iPhone because they're Stupid. Bowser sealed it away in Hell after he realized its true potential. However, with the Teletubbies it created, it escaped from Hell, but was destroyed for good by Wario on accident.


Bowser's iPhone was created 100 years ago when Bowser was really bored and had nothing better to do. It came with the power of spying on people, but also had the ability to create Teletubbies. Bowser was unaware of this at the time. Robbie Rotten stole it, but when he tried to use it, he was killed by the teletubbies it created. (Un?)Fortunately, he was brought back to life by the power of Pickles and promptly escaped to Hyrule. Bowser saw what happened and sealed it away in Hell in hopes that it wouldn't cause any more damage.

Return and Destruction

Bowser's iPhone escaped from the depths of Hell with the assistance of its Teletubbie minions. It started to wreak havoc on the UnWorld, releasing more Teletubbies than ever before, effectively killing thousands of people including Internet memes and Malleo, but when it tried to kill Wario while he was sleeping, Wario rolled over the iPhone and crushed it, causing the machine to be defunct and stop creating Teletubbies. Nobody cared about what happened after that, though.