Angry Scots - Worms00:40

Angry Scots - Worms

Boggy B's mixtape.


Boggy B, Fully armed.

Boggy B is the current leader of the Worms. He is the son of a lost worm.

Early Life

Boggy B was born in the 1500s in Edinburgh, Scotland, decades after the Worms Civil War. He went to military school in Yorkshire and became a fully armed master when he was 16. He was a cadet in the Worms Army. He made a mixtape with angry voices to scare his enemies. He was a cadet for 40 years and was praised very much by his leaders. He was rewarded with weapons and artillery.


Although Boggy B is over 5000 years old, He is the leader of the Worms Army and owns a weapons factory but you can't confuse him with him being the leader of The Obscure Creatures Society because he doesn't know the Lemmings. The RSPCA once caught him filling animals with sulphur and napalm. He gunned down most of the people in the RSPCA. Pretty much nobody can take him alive, except Chuck Norris, but he only leaves Boggy B bleeding.

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