Bob Saget

Bob Saget, a man with a dream.

Robert "Bob" Saget or "Satan (Which he becomes later on)" is a well-known actor and the evilest most sickest thing ever. He is also the vice chair of the Undefeatables, making him the 2nd most powerful being in existence. Several people, such as Bowser and George W. Bush have sold their souls to him, meaning that Bob Saget is really the evil behind the evil. While he is not serving his position as ruler of Hell, Bob shares a bitter rivalry with the equally evil Princess Daisy.

Kirby was once his right hand man, when he swallowed people's nightmares for no reason, thus creating Nightmare. Dora the Explorer eventually replaced Kirby, and is much more efficient.

Bob Saget condescending

Bob Saget impersonating Willy Wonka

As Saget wishes to rule the UnWorld, he is the archenemy of Bill Cosby. Jebus Khrist once battled him, but Bob Saget pwned him. Badly. He also appeared in Mario Tag.

Ronald McDonald is his arch-nemesis, as they were roomates in College and had a bajillion children. Saget took half, while he ate the other half. Saget had an epic battle with Ronald, and Saget ate his ears and face and internal organs out, thus having to paint Ronald's face white.

Once, Nobunaga Oda took over as ruler of Hell, because he's the Devil King. Bob Saget was notably pissed off and decided to send Evil Snowmen into Hell, but they melted before they could do anything. He eventually bribed Nobunaga to give him back rule over Hell with Candee.

Older Bob Saget

An older Bob Saget with glasses right before he became Satan.

Margaret Thatcher is his current right-hand woman.


Bob Saget after he became Satan.

Eventually, he was forced to team up with This is Bob to defeat every good guy. (This is Bob, along with Bob the Builder, are actually alternate forms of Bob Saget.)

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