Billy Mays Getting Ready To Eat DINNER

Billy Mays is the son of Mama Luigi and is known for advertising items for both Morshu & Squadala Man. He has been a controversy during the Hyrulian Civil War to the present day. He advertises stuff like the King's Dinner Blaster and the Squadala Bomb. He faked his death in the year 2009. He really died in the year 727276267726562562 AJSC/BCEoE (After Jesus Spontaneously Combusted/Basement Cat Era of Evil) while having a duel with Weegee in Squadala City when Weegee wanted to replace Billy Mays on Squadala Cable. He was the one who invented Squadala's Flying Carpet and Squadala took all of the credit because he was just too AWESOME. He also invented the Petite Lap Giraffe. Here is a list of stuff he advertised for in the last century or so


One day he was driving when he saw a man in a cloak jump onto another man and stab him. He asked the dying man who he was and the guy said Anthony Sullivan. Billy killed him and took over Oxi Cleen. Then he started advertising junk and killing people who don't guy it with his BEE CANNON. One he shot at the King and he Killed him.


Billy Mays attacking a toddler in a car by himself

Billy Mays not only known as a person that advertisis stuff but also is known as a stalker. He particulary stalks Obama . As seen in this picture, Billy Mays also invites his friends like the King and Weegee when they go stalk Obama.


Billy mays stalking Obama again along with the King.

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Billy Mays also has his own card in the famous new trading cards, CD-i & Youtube Poop Trading Cards by King Harikanian.

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Billy Mays' card

YTP Billy Mays Gets Road Rage While Advertising a Non-Working Radio Broadcaster02:07

YTP Billy Mays Gets Road Rage While Advertising a Non-Working Radio Broadcaster

Billy Mays advertising his new product, the Jupiter Jack. His advertising skills are beast and unbeatable.

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