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B (Beta) with weird stripes to match B's.

Cquote1 B is for Beta! Cquote2
B (Beta)

Beta (or Beta B) is the second-in-command of ABΓΔEZHΘIKΛMNΞOΠPΣTYΦXΨΩ of Greece. He has electric powers that can summon a cloud of thunder and zap his enemies. He can also cause a blackout with his powers to strike his enemies in the dark with his executing powers. He drives a cool hot-rod car that can travel the galaxy and fry his ride (in a good way). He is an awesome guy who has lot'sa money because Beta is a cool letter (every single person gives him $20 because he is cool), as well as helping Morshu increase his sales, which had Morshu made Beta, MMMM... RICHER!

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