The logo of the BBC (but Turkish symbol is in place of C).

BBC (also known as British Broadcasting Company or Bye Bye Children) is a part of British Television and the broadcaster of Ham 64. It is sponsored by a carefree princess to cause seizures on Toads ONLY. It works for it's BBC group BAFTA (Best Award For Toddler Appreciation)

It is believed the BBC has zero thousand bombs & 20,000 Awesome Faces stored in their warehouse, but the Police claim it is a rumor just so they don't have to go check. The BBC has exactly three thousand different locations locked on their targeting devices, and are ready to fire at a moment's notice.

Po has taken over the BBC, but has been shot by Gabe. It was then at the moment a Anti-Teletubby centered organization, like The Obscure Creatures Society (TOBS), but not much Tellytubby-ish like Namco. Po respawned though, and put these british Nazis back on there feet by chasing Gabe out with a broom.


BBFC (also known as British Board of Film Classification or Bad Boys Fuck Children) is a part of BBC and the film ratings in the UnUnited Kingdom.



  • He/it declares carrots also phones.
  • BBC's a scientist.
  • It's gay???
  • It has swirly eyes when PWNed by a rock.
  • It is sometimes called "Double B" by his freinds, which are Nickelodeon & Yahoo!
  • It's mother is a pickaxe.
  • It is named after a guy who looks like a lot the logo.
  • Music plays everytime he runs around.
  • He thinks 1 plus 1 is just 1.

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