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Attack of the Toasters is a spin-off of Hotel Mario for the Game Boi. It was made before Hotel Mario was released, because everyone thought it was going to be successful enough to get a spin-off. After Hotel Mario was declared the worst shame in history, Attack of the Toasters was sold to Link, who made it a Game Boi shame.


Attack of the Toasters is about a bunch of toasters dancing on Mario's face. The player must carefully remove the toasters by using the touch screen on the Game Boi to slide the toasters off without killing Mario. Then, the player must place bombs in the toasters to blow them up.


Attack of the Toasters was received very poorly. People were mainly mad because the Game Boi didn't have a touch screen, and felt ripped off because they couldn't play the shame. So, they decided just to use the cartridges to light their fires, because they were surprisingly flammable.

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