Cquote1 "Wow... that is some McDonald-level argument structure." Cquote2
Armoured Skeptic's reaction to any heroic guy on YouTube; especially CuteFuzzyWeasel.
Armoured Skeptic
Armoured Skeptic

Please say "silver" and not "white"!

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Likes: Rushing to save the trolls
Dislikes: Being the true hero
Education: 27 years in idiot school
Occupation: Knight
Known For: The knight who s**ualized everybody
UnRank: -25,000,000,000

The Armoured Skeptic is a skeptically lewd YouTube troll who is part of the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew and the subgroup YouTube Trollar System.

Armoured Skeptic full form

His full form as a "knight".

Out of everybody in the crew, he represents the Perseus constellation and the planet Mercury.

The Armoured Skeptic is some guy who wears a suit of armor who generally debunks videos that commentary other trolls and talks about atheism for some reason on YouTube. He emphasizes that he is "not" a political activist and has been featured on a couple channels, such as TheBibleReloaded's and MrRepzion's.

Armoured Skeptic is also very lewd much like Super Minecraft Kid, Anita Sarkeesian, Nascar221, LifeInATent, PimpinMasterDX, 0u75p0k3n, Laci Green, Applemilk1988, Jessi Slaughter, and Dawah Man. Though, he is much more lewd than all ten of them combined. He did that kind of stuff to them regardless if they were children, adults, or even senior citizens!

Armoured Skeptic's REAL face

His real face.

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